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Lane has been a Christian since a Radical Encounter with God as he prepared to commit suicide due to the shame and guilt he felt in his life. Then God revealed to him His Life Mission: To Bring as Many people as he can to Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. To walk into The Authority given to every Christ Follower by the Death and Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ and the ACTIVATION of the Holy Spirit indwelling in them! 

Judy struggled for many years to understand who she was in Christ and the impact her thoughts and words had on her life and those around her. Judy’s desire is for people to understand their true worth in Christ, who God created them to be, and the power of the spoken word.

Lane and Judy Farr have been married since June 2000. They have 3 sons Cody, Cory and William. As most people do, Lane and Judy experienced struggles in their marriage. But it was through these struggles that they experienced God’s grace and truly learned to accept it for the first times in their lives. They learned the importance of their individual relationships with Christ and now want to equip others to find the same.

Lane & Judy have been seeking God's will for their life and how they can change the atmosphere of their home, community and city! They started House of Acts Ministries & Church following God's word and example in The Book of Acts. 

We hope you will join us one Sunday for Family Dinner at 4:30 pm and Church Service/Message starts at 5pm

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